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Founded   in   1989   in   Orahovica,   Ciprijanović   d.o.o.   is   now   one      of the    most    technologically    advanced    furniture    manufacturers    in Croatia.   Since   the   founding   we   have      operated   as   a   family- owned company. Our          business     is     shaped     by     our          knowledge     of     wood, sophisticated    technology    and    individual    approach    to    every customer.   In   our      production   plants,   in   all   stages,   from   primary processing   of   logs   to   the   finishing   of   final   products   we   produce furniture, solid wood panels and wood briquettes. Investing    in    new    technologies    and    human    resources    has resulted   in   high   quality   products,   meeting   ofdelivery   deadlines and   a   good   position   in   the   demanding   domestic   and   international market. In   the   process   of   primary   wood   processing   and   final   production, we   employ      about   250   employees.   Our   products   are   present   on the markets all over Europe.
Pecs Hungary Ciprijanović d.o.o., Bjeljevina bb, 33515 Orahovica
All our products can be FSC   certified. FSC     certificate     (FSC     SA-COC     001266)     for responsible     forest     management     is     only     a confirmation   of   long   term   care   for   the   protection of   environment,   and   so   all   new   technologies   we invest in are in accordance with that principle.
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